Funds to Choose From

Your gift strengthens one of the permanent endowment funds maintained by the Tuscola County Community Foundation and helps with its mission of making Tuscola County a better place to live, now and in the future. Click on the fund name for more information.


Unrestricted Funds

Founders Fund
William & Ruth Janks Fund


Donor Advised Funds

Anne S. Laethem Fund (For Historical Buildings)
Bender Foundation Fund
Carl Fritz Cancer Transportation Fund
Dr. Edward Scollon Foundation Fund
Impact Hope Foundation Fund
James Plain Sports Foundation Fund
Ransford Family Fund
William & Joanne Kaiser Fund
Wingert Fund
Zimmer Family Fund


Field of Interest Funds

Caro Rotary Community Fund
Claude & Etta Andrews Fund
Don List Fund for Special Needs Children
Love for Lexie - Paying it Forward (Unendowed)
Future Youth Involvement Fund
Healthy Youth/Healthy Seniors Fund
Jerry W. Zuercher Endowment Fund for the Musical Arts
Kiwanis Club of Caro Area Fund


Designated Funds

Caro Area District Library Fund
Caro Education Fund
Cass City Boosters Fund
Cass City Friends United Neighbors (FUN) Network (Unendowed)
Cass City H.O.P.E. Fund
Disability Service Fund
Friends of Cass City Parks Cass City Area (Unendowed)
Fowler (The) Center Fund
Greater Millington Area Fund
Great Start Tuscola's Imagination Library Fund (Unendowed)
Tuscola County Medical Care Facility Foundation (Unendowed)
Hills & Dales Healthcare Corp. Fund
Homelessness Fund
Mayville Community Schools Fund
Millington Community Center Endowment Fund
Millington Scouting Endowment Fund
Patriot Pride Club (Unendowed) USA Schools
Think Straight A's - Think USA Schools
Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems Fund
Tuscola County Autism Support Group Fund - Tuscola County (Unendowed)
Tuscola County Imagination Library Fund
Tuscola Area Airport Authority/Friends of the Tuscola Area Airport Fund
United Way of Tuscola County Fund


Scholarship Funds

Alison Emmert Scholarship Fund (Cass City H.S.)
Ashman Family Scholarship Fund (Not Available)
Are You Prepared? Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Ben Hobart Memorial Scholarship Fund (Cass City H.S.)
Bob Moore Memorial Scholarship (Caro H.S.)
Caro Rotary Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Cass City AAUW Scholarship Fund (Upper Thumb Region)
Cass City Jr. Citizen of the Year Scholarship Endowment Fund (Cass City H.S.)
Cass City Rotary Scholarship Fund (Cass City H.S.)
Clare McDurmon Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Cory Merz Endowment Fund (Cass City H.S.)
Dr. Bruce Dunn Memorial Scholarship Fund (Tuscola County High Schools)
Dr. Donald Carr Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Dr. Earl & Mary Branding Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Dr. Floyd L. Echols Memorial Scholarship Fund (Not Available)
Donald D. & Sara J. Dost Scholarship (Tuscola County High Schools)
Dorothy VanAllen Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Ed-Mar Tree Farm Scholarship (Mayville H.S.)
Edward J. & Alice M. Maier Foundation (Mayville H.S.)
Francis S. Freville Memorial Scholarship (Caro H.S.)
Frank Walden Memorial Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Fullmer Family Scholarship Fund (Tuscola County)
Jan Carson Memorial Scholarship Fund (USA H.S.)
Joy McCreedy Scholarship Fund (Akron Fairgrove H.S.)
Judy & Bonnie Weippert Scholarship (Cass City H.S.)
Justin Reder Memorial Scholarship Fund (Akron-Fairgrove H.S.)
Harold Gates & Guy Way Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Harry J. Bastone Memorial Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Houghtaling Family Scholarship Fund (Tuscola County High Schools)
Kally Maharg Endowment Fund (Cass City H.S.)
Kenna Lynne Peet Memorial Scholarship Fund (Tuscola County High Schools)
Kingston High School Scholarship Fund (Kingston H.S.)
Marjorie and Allison Green Memorial Scholarship Fund (Kingston H.S.)
Loyd & Lula White Memorial Scholarship Fund (Mayville H.S.)
Louis & Marilyn Redwantz Scholarship Fund (Not Available)
Olaf A Goodell Scholarship Fund (Tuscola County High Schools)
Paul DeLong Memorial Scholarship
Patricia Krol Memorial Scholarship Fund (Cass City H.S.)
Ralph & Marceline Bublitz Scholarship for Registered Nurses (Tuscola County High Schools)
Rawson Foundation (Cass City H.S.)
Robert & Marjorie Zander Memorial Scholarship (Cass City H.S.)
Rolka Scholarship Foundation (Caro H.S.)
Scears Foundation of Akron Michigan Scholarship (Akron Fairgrove & Caro H.S.)
Stamats Scholarship Fund (Caro H.S.)
Tucker Schumacher Miracle Scholarship Fund (Reese H.S.)
Tuscola County Community Agricultural Scholarship Fund (Tuscola County High Schools)
Tuscola County Republican Party Scholarship Fund (Tuscola County High Schools)
Wallace & Helen Zinnecker Scholarship Fund (Cass City H.S.)



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